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Our range of cutting tools and our services are constantly evolving in order to give our clients rapid assurance of the most technically advanced and innovative solutions. Stay focused on our news. Stay focused on our news.


Our retailer clients can count on specific promotions regarding single products or entire product lines: from special discounts to promotional gadgets and prizes of all sorts.


The vast catalogue of precision cutting tools is a guarantee for our clients who can select from a wide range of items of different sizes which are immediately available, and can furthermore avail of fast delivery of their orders.

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Art. N. 9141

Machine taps DIN 371/6 for through holes ISO Metric coarse threads High Speed Cutting

Powder metal HSS (PM HSS) taps with 50° flutes and TiAlN coated for High Speed Cutting machining on stainless steels and tough long chipping materials for great performances and precision (tolerance 6HX)

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Art. N. 9138

Powder metal HSS (PM HSS) machine taps DIN 371/6 for through holes ISO Metric coarse threads

Suitable for stainless steels, even high resistant ones, and for tough long chipping materials as copper, bronze, brass, as well as for cast irons thanks to its TiCN coating

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Art. N. 4109

Long series DIN 340 twist drills TiAlN coated for deep holes

HSS Co5 twist drills with helical thinning special point shape and parabolic flutes for uninterrupted machining of deep holes, particularly on heat resistant steels, stainless steels and cast iron

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Art. N. 5221

45° cutting edges machine reamers DIN 212 E

HSS Co5 reamers with high twisted cutting edges for reaming H7 tolerance holes on tough long chipping material as low resistant steels, stainless steels, titanium and its alloys, copper and aluminium and its alloys

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Art. N. F2453

Evolution solid carbide High Perfomance Cutting (HPC) HSN² coated end mill

Evolution line solid micro-grain carbide end mills for slotting as well as for finishing just varying speed and feeds and with special silicon-based HSN² coating, that together with their particular cutting geometries, enables High Performance Cutting machining (HPC). Suitable for high strength steels and titanium and its alloys

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Competence and speed

Centro Utensili WSG specializes in the creation, sales and distribution of high performing precision tools for the cutting of metals in industrial applications. The efficiency of our service guarantees delivery within 24 hours.

At the Client's service

Centro Utensili WSG stands out for the efficiency of its services. Retailers of industrial technical items, tool dealers, wholesalers and hardware shops can count on an all-round support that translates into a true and proper partnership.

Our tools

Centro Utensili offers a range of industrial tools for metal cutting with chip formation, and guarantees quality, safety and performance in metal drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and milling processes.