Efficiency and speed at the Client's service

Maximum efficiency, high technical competence and speed: these three elements are the outstanding features of the service offered by the Centro Utensili WSG, which has always been the Company’s flagship. In dealing with retailers of industrial technical items, metal ware wholesalers or tool dealers, the company handles all the business phases, from effective and fast distribution and delivery of tools to the clear and complete documentation of sales up to the professional services of a marketing network that is technically prepared and willing to support the retailers in all their needs or problems. This relationship goes beyond the mere supplier/client relationship and has turned into a true and proper partnership.

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95% of orders are processed within 24 hours
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WSG DIRECT: sales and “direct” delivery
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Fast solutions to your doubts and problems
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WSG’s absolute quality production of industrial metal cutting tools is a guarantee of total reliability supported by a widespread sales network, and through an organization of dealers in industrial technical tools and wholesalers of tools and metal ware, and ensures an excellent availability of the entire product range. The sales team is furthermore technically qualified to cater to clients’ demands and transform them into concrete solutions through a focused service. They are, therefore, not just salesmen but technicians who are able to solve the problems connected to machining and chip formation procedures, and suggest the most suitable tools according to the types of metal processing involved.



Our sales team works hand in hand with the retailers in order to comprehend their demands and share their objectives, by offering their own competences in resolving possible technical issues, and their productive capacities to create tools that suit each specific need. Centro Utensili was able to build with its retailers a trust relationship that has turned into a true and proper partnership. Recognizing the chain of command and the fields of action between supplier-retailer-client, it places its own relevant experiences also at the disposal of clients during visits that call for specific technical support.

Fast delivery

Centro Utensili WSG’s distinctive strong point, together with product reliability, is a fast distribution service able to guarantee delivery of industrial metal-cutting tools within 24 hours. This prerogative of clients is supported by an efficient logistics organization based on high stock levels of catalogue items, a qualified and specifically trained staff assigned to packaging and shipping and an excellent network of couriers, thanks to whom the company is able to comply with urgent and sudden orders.


Technical assistance

Centro Utensili WSG places its own technical experience and top level skills acquired through the years, at the disposal of clients so as to solve the various problems related to mechanical processing with chip formation, in order to guide them in choosing their items from the wide range of metal cutting tools. The personnel are always at hand to offer technical and marketing consultancy and may be contacted directly at the head office, via telephone or e-mail.

WSG DIRECT: direct sales and delivery

This a particular feature which, over the last few years, Centro Utensili WSG has offered to its own Retailer Clients nationwide, offering the possibility of directly supplying metal cutting tools to their end-user clients. The service is safeguarded by a full compliance to the assigned roles and contractual security for the retailer since Centro Utensili completely abstains from any commercial action with the end-user clients involved. Retailers gain a dual benefit with this so-called “Drop Shipment,” procedure in terms of cost-effectiveness in logistics and expenses of the personnel for the packing and shipping of the orders, and also in fast delivery to the final client, within 24 hours from the receipt of the order itself, without additional costs.

Our tools

Centro Utensili offers a range of industrial tools for metal cutting with chip formation, and guarantees quality, safety and performance in metal drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and milling processes.


Our exclusive offer to our retailer clients consists in a fast problem solving solution and technical assistance upon purchase. It is a true and proper direct line to the company, to quickly resolve all problems or doubts.

Sales network

Centro Utensili offers its Clients a wide catalogue of high performing tools, professionalism and rapid distribution, ensuring end users of product availability and technical support on purchases made nationwide in Italy.