High performing milling with WSG tools

here is a very complete and detailed offer in terms of product assortment length and depth for milling and cutting tools. The cutters are made of HSSCo8, in powder metal (PM HSS) or solid carbide, with both bright finish and special coatings (WIN, TiAlN, AlCrN, ZrN, NaCro). There are end mills for slotting, for finishing, for roughing and half-finishing, for copying and for super-finishing. There is a wide assortment of lengths available with short, long and extra-long series and with normal, ball or corner radius heads.

Milling tools

The HSSCo8 end mills are available in different types and finishes, with both parallel and Morse taper threaded shank , with bright finish and WIN coating (a special coating created by WSG). The PM HSS end mills have a AlCrN coating instead. The other tools in HSSCo8, like the dovetail, inverted dovetail and corner rounding cutters, the T-slot, the side and face milling cutters, the Woodruff keyseats milling cutters and the shell cutters series, all have a bright finish. In the solid carbide end mills section, the standard tools are distinguished from the high performing cutters of the Evolution line by High Speed Cutting (HSC) and High Performing Cutting (HPC) Multi Task Cutting (MTC) and Trochoidal Speed Cutting (TSC). The main coating is TiAlN (Titanium Aluminium Nitride), but the end mills for aluminium are bright finished or coated in Zirconium Nitride (ZrN), whereas the end mills for dry processing of the Evolution series may have the innovative nACo (TiAlN nanocrystals) coating. Worthy of note are the HSC and HPC end mills with 35°-38° variable flutes suitable for both roughing and finishing processes. Pay attention to the “mini” end mills with smaller diameters, the corner radius end mills range, the roughing end mills with chip-breaker and the 50° flutes end mills for super-finishing.

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Art. N. F2453

Evolution solid carbide High Perfomance Cutting (HPC) HSN² coated end mill

Evolution line solid micro-grain carbide end mills for slotting as well as for finishing just varying speed and feeds and with special silicon-based HSN² coating, that together with their particular cutting geometries, enables High Performance Cutting machining (HPC). Suitable for high strength steels and titanium and its alloys

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