Quality and safety

Maximum quality, total safety

Centro Utensili has always been fully committed to the production and sales of its metal cutting tools, targeting both the top quality performance of the tools in all operations of metal drilling, threading, reaming and milling, and the total safety of the user.

WSG cutting tools: quality and security

In order to effectively compete in a market that increasingly calls for high performance, repeated results and constant reliability are fundamental in the continual supply of high quality products which, through the WSG trademark, are able to guarantee the clientele’s achievement of the expected results when using the tools, and also provide the certainty of working in absolute safety.

To ensure its clientele of the maximum quality and safety levels, Centro Utensili has continually created and developed advanced cutting tools that ensure safe usage, prevention of accidents and rapidity and efficiency in all the metal drilling, threading, reaming and milling operations, with positive outcomes for the client in terms of cost-effectiveness and increase in production. These tools are also environmental-friendly.

The specific characteristics of the WSG metal cutting tools are also calibrated to undertake the most demanding processes with maximum output, from the cutting of sheet metal and soft materials to the hardest metals, and up to operations that are most often problematic such as threading and milling which are fundamental to many industrial processes and to all professional applications.


Close up on Values

We are featured in the main sector magazines, through press campaigns aimed at diffusing the WSG trademark, the range of our cutting tools and efficiency of the services we offer.

At the Client's service

Centro Utensili WSG stands out for the efficiency of its services. Retailers of industrial technical items, tool dealers, wholesalers and hardware shops can count on an all-round support that translates into a true and proper partnership.

Our tools

Centro Utensili offers a range of industrial tools for metal cutting with chip formation, and guarantees quality, safety and performance in metal drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and milling processes.