Centro Utensili WSG’s corporate vision focuses on a sole centre: the client. It aims to satisfy the customer’s requests to the fullest and with utmost precision. Besides maintaining the unquestionable quality of its metal cutting tools, valid and fast, efficient and competent services are absolute priorities, towards which the company’s resources and efforts converge.

Always targeting improvement

“Our focus is you” is a statement which still today characterizes the Centro Utensili WSG’s corporate policy, and in a nutshell explains a philosophy centred on the demands of the clientele and therefore propels the company to continually upgrade its own offer of high performing metal cutting tools and services. This leitmotif has accompanied the company’s history and determined progressive action on all fronts, always converging on the common objective of ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.


Empowering performance of the tools

Continuous investments in the upgrading of tool production techniques have led to the extension of the range, always on par with the latest market indicators thanks to the ability to sense and translate the needs of the various operators into concrete solutions. Promptness in adopting the most advanced production technologies has furthermore led to the offer of high performing tools that boost production and also competitiveness. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

Revving up service efficiency

The high quality of the WSG metal cutting tools is amplified by efficient, competent and punctual services that can resolve at best the clientele’s needs and promote greater competitiveness in the market. Utmost availability of stocks and 24-hour delivery times are in fact the winning denomination that allows the client to avail of the quality and reliability of the WSG range of tools, without the burden of keeping unnecessary storage of products. This excellence, to no surprise, has become the company’s driving force.


Quality and safety

Utmost performance in absolute safety: WSG’s metal cutting tools guarantee excellent quality for both performance levels and the safety of users.

At the Client's service

Centro Utensili WSG stands out for the efficiency of its services. Retailers of industrial technical items, tool dealers, wholesalers and hardware shops can count on an all-round support that translates into a true and proper partnership.

Our tools

entro Utensili offers a range of industrial tools for metal cutting with chip formation, and guarantees quality, safety and performance in metal drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and