High performing threading with WSG tools

The offer of threading tools is one of the most complete in terms of range length and depth and avails of all the main thread forms for Machine taps, as well as for Hand taps and Dies: the Metric coarse and fine threads (also left hand and 6G, 7G, 6H+0,1mm, 4H tolerance), the GAS/BSP and the Whitworth BSW threads, the American coarse UNC and fine UNF threads, the PG threads for steel conduits, the Gas British Standard Pipe Tapered thread (BSPT) and the American National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads.

Threading tools

The Machine taps are subdivided into three lines: Standard, Ring Tap with ring gauge for the processing of various materials, and Star Tap of the highest quality level. The assortment presents forms for the machining of through holes such as B with spiral point, D with left 15° spiral flutes, C with straight flutes for through and blind holes, and C forms with spiral flutes from 10° up to 50°. Particularly evolved are the machine taps in powder metal (PM HSS), also with internal cooling and the synchronized taps for rigid tapping. Remarkable importance is given to the various coatings from TiN – Titanium Nitride, to TiAlN – Titanium Aluminium Nitride and TiCN – Titanium Carbon Nitride, Hardlube (TiAlN + WC/C tungsten barbide alternating with amorphous carbon) up to oxidizing (and to nitriding for cast iron). We also offer taps with extended handle suitable when working on deep cavities, for both through and blind holes, taps for nuts, twist drill-taps in various solutions and tools in solid carbide for the removal of taps that break inside the holes (also in set).

Analogous thread forms are available for the Hand taps (with a series of the Star Tap line) and the Dies with lapped threads. Also available are a varied range in sets of hand taps, prior to tapping drills and taps, twist drill-taps, machine taps and twist drills of the Ring (Tap/Drill) line.

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Art. N. 9140

Machine taps DIN 371/6 for through holes ISO Metric coarse threads High Speed Cutting

Powder metal HSS (PM HSS) taps with 50° flutes and TiAlN coated for High Speed Cutting machining on stainless steels and tough long chipping materials for great performances and precision (tolerance 6HX)

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Art. N. 9138

Powder metal HSS (PM HSS) machine taps DIN 371/6 for through holes ISO Metric coarse threads

Suitable for stainless steels, even high resistant ones, and for tough long chipping materials as copper, bronze, brass, as well as for cast irons thanks to its TiCN coating

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